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Know Relief For The Family       

Know Relief For The Family is a guide for parents and spouses who are concerned about a family member’s addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. While focusing on the child as the “identified patient,” this book can also be used to help get anyone sober and clean. Based on many years of experience and study, it explains the problem and then explains and demonstrates the solution. Pitfalls and roadblocks are explored and demonstrations of the thinking that addiction creates are exemplified. Responses to addictive thinking are given. Setting boundaries, being assertive and attaining emotional balance are key points that are emphasized and explained. Lastly, a seven-step model shows the reader how to traverse through the maze of addiction, making the right decisions and thus maximizing the chances for success. Information is based on responsible sources and has been well thought out in order to provide accurate information that is helpful for successful recovery entry. Family members will find answers to their questions about this treacherous problem that have been learned through decades of direct experience in the treatment of hundreds of those affected by addiction. Dr. Butkins’ writing style as well as self-disclosure will put you at ease while educating you with familiar descriptions of the problem that you have been trying to solve. Dr. Butkins has labored long to make this a “labor of love” that is presented in an easy to read, common sense language that is also easy to understand.






Tried & True Methods To Get Sober & Clean

Addiction is a life-long death sentence that is very treatable. It involves much pain and loss. On the other hand, recovery is a journey to joy. The successful recovering winners go through a process of denial to doubt to open- mindedness to admission to compliance to acceptance to approval of the problem. The stigma is slowly lessened and re-framed and the pride lessens when the recovering person (winner) becomes educated with accurate information. Slowly the war ends and the person quits/drops out of the School of Hard Knocks. In the following pages, I will attempt to lead you through the recovery process, repeating many times the approach I have found to be effective.