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Dr. Peter Butkins, LMFT, LCAP, LMHC, CAP, BCC has over 45 years in the addiction and mental health counseling fields. His expertise is based on personal, professional and academic experiences. Having owned and directed two treatment centers, he has experience as clinical director/supervisor as well as with direct services, providing individual treatment and facilitating recovery groups and family treatment services. Being a seasoned therapist, consultant, teacher and author on addiction, Dr. Butkins is dedicated to arresting the chemical dependence problem. His current publications include Tried and True Methods to get Sober, and Clean, Tried and True Ways to get Your Child Sober and Clean and Sober and Separated.

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Bog   www.alcoholism-statistics.com /family (2013).   usefulness -  fulfillment   87 percent increase   drivers testing   Colorado : The Impact Vol   4/ September 2016.   Public Safety   traffic deaths  poison control   emergency room visits .   Colorado marijuana regulators   marijuana taxes   kids drink   job security   pocket books   right path   God .  Doc Pete   use drugs   pot abuse   1939). Doc Pete   storm   irma   enablers shield   72 years   Peace   chtonicity of addiction   Lasting recovery   hospital bed   recovery successes   life works   Continual forgiveness   trust building   Pete   Pete Butkins (407) 786-1913   Prescription drug abuse   Rigorous family work   abuse   recovery .   Family  at Dr   book : Know Relief   Family  at   Dr   RKnowledge fades   book : Tried   Clean  at   Dr   Survivors   provocation !                          Bullies   Violence Hotline   1-800-799- SAFE (7233).   Dr   Domestic Violence Awareness Month   pain .  Survivors   live.The  National   1-800-799- SAFE (7233). 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Addictive fun   1. Life   2. Pain   3. Treatment   actions   True addiction   12 step treatment   alcohol /drug users   families pain   right thing   show /'   members need   addiction breeds   addiction Helpful Guide   therapy efforts   12 step Programs   Butkins                          (407) 786-1913   thru til   breeds happiness   Butkins                                                      (407) 786-1913   George Harrison   unsolvable (?) problem   Inner Peace                                                             Dr   life ASAP   recovery anniversary   i.e . absence   Nothing heals   self centeredness   Daily Program   Successful recovery   relationships success   MCAP   (407) 786-1913   MCAP   (407) 786-1913# MondayMotivation   MCAP   (407) 786-1913   recovery tools   !!! Love   addiction  # recoveries   self sufficiency   magic solution   gain family   Demi Lovato