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Family Unity - not Medication.

Medication offers a 'quick fix' which all addicts want. However, the process of staying sober and clean after getting sober and clean demands work over two to five years. Initial minimal substance abuse  treatment, 4-5 hours per week, when combined with three months of AA and/or Na participation and ongoing participation, leads to ongoing recovery and character building, spiritual development, good relations and success in job and family.

Family unity can get the addict/alcoholic to treatment and, if family continues treatment, can lead to success.  The family is the best motivator to influence the person to enter this rigorous treatment. 

Do not be seduced by quick fixes that shelter the addict/alcoholic from the consequences.  Family MUST learn to set boundaries and not shield the addict from the pain necessary to enter treatment.  Protecting the addict from consequences can place a band aid on the problem and takes the fear from the family but does not work.  You end up with a dependent and eventually helpless and hopeless adult child who subsequently tolerates life instead of growing.  Do not shield the son or spouse because you are afraid of setting boundaries and upsetting the unstable family status quo.  Have the courage to learn and take the effective actions.

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Doc Pete


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Spiritual Conversion, not Medication!
Substance Abuse Treatment with Integrity.

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