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Now More than Ever, We Need our Country Clean and Sober!!!

We are at a point in our history when we need to be level headed and use good judgment and elect a sound President who will support us and work to get America back on its feet.

If one in ten is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, this includes politics, education, sports, business and all other fields.  Let's make sure we are supporting clean and sober people when we vote or have a say in any situation where you have control. 

My fear is that we have condoned another drug, Cannabis, that causes cancer, mindlessness and compromised immune system to name only a few negative consequences. Legalizing pot will also influence our younger adults and teens who may be very suggestible. We have enough drug abuse in this country.  Let's not promote it.  Talk to your kids.

Take a stand and consider electing a sober President and other officials when you vote. Thanks for reading.  This is an important issue.


Doc Pete

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