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Acute Alcohol Poisoning
  Acute alcohol poisoning signifies a potentially fatal overdose (OD) of alcohol. This is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention. It is a result a result of binge drinking or regular alcoholic drinking on any given day or night.  
Acute Drug Toxicity
  Acute drug toxicity signifies the physical or psychological harm a drug might present to the user immediately or soon after the drug is ingested into the body.  
  Addiction is the repeated use of a substance after one has experienced problems. As opposed to abuse, the addict continues to ingest his or her drug after there are consequences. There is little relief. Addiction is also characterized by Compulsive physiological and psychological need for a habit-forming substance.  
Addiction Ministry
  Addiction Ministry refers to the outreach, treatment and recovery support services offered through the auspices of local churches as part of their ministry to their community. The rise in addiction ministries, particularly within African American communities, constitutes one of the most significant developments in the modern history of recovery support structures.  
Addiction Treatment
  Addiction Treatment is the attempt by one individual(s) to cause another individual(s) to abstain from using alcohol and/or other drugs. There are also other "soft" addictions that come under this definition such as gambling, eating disorders, spending, lust...  

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  • Abstinence
      Abstinence, for addicts and alcoholics, is the nonuse of mood-altering drugs to include
  • Abstinence
    Abstinence is absence of alcohol and/or drugs as opposed to the term sober.  Abstinence does not im
  • Abstinence-Based Recovery
    Abstinence-based Recovery is the resolution of alcohol- and other drug-related problems through the
  • Abuse
      Abuse is a term to describe excessive drinking or using for relief from a problem in on
  • Acetaldehyde
      Acetaldehyde is the metabolite that occurs when alcohol dehydrogenase metabolizes alcoh