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  Witness (testify, testimony) is the act of telling one’s story as an act of service, whether the target of that story is an individual, a community or a culture.  
Wounded Healers
  Wounded Healers are people who, having survived a life-threatening and life-transforming illness/experience, help guide others through this same illness/experience. There is a rich tradition of wounded healers that reaches deep into the history of addiction recovery (White, 2000a, 2000b). Several reviewers noted a shadow side of the wounded healer: the person whose unhealed wounds leads them to use service work to work out his or her own problems or to escape such problems.    
  Xanax is a prescription drug used to treat anxiety. It is highly addicting and is alluring to sedativists (alcoholics and others which prefer sedation).  
Zero Tolerance
  Zero tolerance is a term associated with strict policing measures, based on beliefs that activities associated with illegal drugs shouldn't be tolerated at any level. The approach emphasises the law as the main method of handling with drugs and drug issues. Other approaches acknowledge illegal drug use as being somewhat more complex than just a legal issue.  
Zones of Recovery
  Zones (or Domains) of Recovery are the arenas in which recovery processes unfold. These have been differentiated as zones of action and experience. The zones include physical recovery, psychological recovery, spiritual recovery, relational recovery, and lifestyle (occupational, financial, recreational) recovery (White, 1996).  

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  • Abstinence
      Abstinence, for addicts and alcoholics, is the nonuse of mood-altering drugs to include
  • Abstinence
    Abstinence is absence of alcohol and/or drugs as opposed to the term sober.  Abstinence does not im
  • Abstinence-Based Recovery
    Abstinence-based Recovery is the resolution of alcohol- and other drug-related problems through the
  • Abuse
      Abuse is a term to describe excessive drinking or using for relief from a problem in on
  • Acetaldehyde
      Acetaldehyde is the metabolite that occurs when alcohol dehydrogenase metabolizes alcoh