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My son has been suffering with a horrible disease known as alcoholism. For many years, he tried to control it but couldn't. He went to an in-patient treatment center for five weeks. The day he came out was the same day he passed out from vodka. He sought help from a nutritionist. He was eating better but still drinking. He tried once a week therapy sessions with a psychologist. His drinking was getting worse, My son was dying.
Then one day I was on my computer searching for a place to help my son's addiction. That's when I found Dr. Peter Butkins and his program "My Freedom Quest." I liked what I read so I called him. He said that if my son was willing, he could get him his life back. After nine months of intense therapy sessions with Dr. Butkins and his excellent staff, I can happily say that "I Have My Son Back."

Roz C.
Date of Posting: 08 February 2015
Posted By: Roz C
I met Dr. Butkins when I went to a counseling session with my alcoholic husband about 2.5 years ago. He is a highly skilled professional and is very knowledgeable on the disease of alcoholism and its affect upon the families of alcoholics. When we met, I was sick with worry and fear, angry, and unhappy. Living each day in fear of what awful thing would happen next, both my mental and physical health were beginning to suffer. When my husband went off to a rehabilitation center, I continued to see Dr. Butkins. As he challenged my thinking and attitudes and encouraged me to recognize and deal with my feelings, my mind began to open and allow me to look at life situations and the disease of alcoholism in ways that would never have occurred to me on my own. He sent me to Al-Anon where I found other people affected by a loved one’s alcoholism that were working the 12 Steps and willing to help me in my recovery. Today, there is less worry and fear in my life and more serenity. I know that Dr. Butkins’ skill, wisdom, and compassion guided me to this better way of living. I will be forever grateful. Karen, Lake Mary, Florida
Date of Posting: 23 January 2015
Posted By: Karen

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