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Addiction Treatment That Works


No one can get your child sober and clean better than you!  I can show you how to get your child back!!!

 Over the past 48 years, I have perfected methods for getting someone sober and clean in the least restrictive environment, for the most affordable cost and in the least amount of time.

We at My Freedom Quest teach a way to live in hope and strength instead of hopelessness, anger, sadness and fear of addiction. In the next three paragraphs I will explain how I use a) a rigorous selection process, b) family unity and c) adherence to the time tested twelve-step regimen to help bring your loved one back to you. My outpatient treatment works and is very affordable.


Selection process - If you are motivated, I can help. The basis of my theory and the reason it works is that my selection process is time tested and true. I take families and/or individuals who want recovery or are willing to want recovery, even if your loved one (the 'user') is not motivated. I can show you how to motivate him or her to successful recovery! I work with flexible and willing family members and teach them tools to use in their family to your loved one.


Incredibly expensive treatment never cures your loved one. However, I have had incredible success in getting families to operate in such a manner so as to get their child to effective treatment and back to the family while staying in the mainstream of society.


Family - I work with your family to show how to use your leverage to motivate your loved one to want recovery. The family can do this when they decide and learn how not to shield the addict from the consequences that are vital in order to motivate the spouse or child. We don't want to wait until there are chronic health or severe mental problems. Start before the expensive crisis. However, any attempt to fix the addict by confining him or her in a laboratory setting will fail, especially when he is being protected from his "bottom". The addict must eventually stay sober in the real world. This is possible using my treatment.


Recovery - The solution. Lastly, the ongoing treatment that works is the twelve-step programs. My Program gets the addict there and also helps him or her with the difficulties encountered when entering this new life as well as adjusting to family, school and/or the work environment. The first year of recovery is mired with return to denial and low points that need to be overcome. Tools must be learned and a drug free lifestyle taught. Strong recovery that ensures long-term lifelong abstinence is shaped over time.


I teach a way that works every time if you take the actions that I ask.


Dr. Butkins has over 45 years working in the field of counseling at a post graduate level, i.e., Master's and Ph.D. level. His expertise has led to his remarkably successful solution to addiction. His staff has over 100 years of experience.


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