Addicted? If You Are Willing to Admit You Have a Problem, We Can HELP You !

                                                                                                             If you're ready then I'm ready!!!
Whether you are returning after a relapse or a lapse or are new to recovery, you have a great chance if you can follow in the footsteps of the people who came before you.  This involves your surrendering to win and giving yourself a chance to win and stop losing so much.  You can make great strides right now by deciding to call us at My Freedom Quest and begin following and not leading.  Some people try for years and decades to get sober and clean on their own or by doing some or few of the things that are suggested.  The good news is that you can still keep what you have left, stop from losing more and get back what and who you lost. 
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     Dr. Pete Butkins

 If you have reached the 'end' and want to get sober and clean and are serious about it, we can help you.  We offer help in Orlando, Florida, online or via telephone.  I have been working in the recovery field for over 45 years and only work with those who are ready to follow my lead.  I have come to realize that there is a way to get sober and clean that works every time if you practice this way thoroughly.  I will show you this path and also help you overcome any obstacles that you meet on this road.  You have to commit to this way before you call me.  This will be your commitment to do the work I assign.  This will also insure that we are starting from a point of departure that is powerful.  If you can agree to the latter commitment you have made a great start.  You will not just be deciding to recover, you will be well on the path to recovery.  The biggest obstacle to commitment is our sense of self-control, a need to keep trying to control our using when we have failed over and over.  When you overcome this need, you have conquered the need to do the impossible: recover alone.  You will join a program with other like-minded people who have given themselves a chance to succeed.  When you commit to us, we commit to you!  
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Addiction is the pursuit of happiness in the absence of pleasure (Heilman, 1986).  Are you addicted or abusive in your "use"?  Is your child going through a phase as many teens do or is it dependence/addiction?  How can you know for sure?  Is your spouse, parent, friend or friend's
friend abusing alcohol and/or drugs or experimenting?  How can you tell?  The answer follows.

The American Medical Association says that addiction is the 'continued use of a substance despite adverse consequences.'  This means that, if a person has a problem that is considered to be an adverse consequence, this is addiction.  So, if a person has a DUI and continues to drink to intoxication that is probably dependence or addiction.  If they get another DUI and continue to drink, that is definitely addiction.  An abuser drinks for relief usually.  When a problem occurs, they are not getting relief.  They are getting a problem, not relief.  A problem is the opposite of relief.  We need relief from the problem.  Addiction creates problems.  An abuser does not usually want to drink after it causes problems.  An addict/alcoholic will continue to drink and/or use drugs and try to convince you that the problem is non-existent.    That is the difference.  An abuser quits when the substance does not work; an addict/alcoholic continues,  It's that simple.

I have a love for helping addicts and alcoholics.  It is my "calling" in life.  I have been doing this since 1960.  I love when clients are ready to get sober and/or clean, because then I can help.  I have personal experience with recovery since 1986 and have a Ph.D. in mental health counseling from the University of Florida (1994).  My dissertation was on relapse prevention with alcoholics/addicts. 

My beliefs are simple.  I work with those who will begin to see that they are up against a force so powerful that a spiritual path is needed.  I am not very religious.  I am very spiritual.  I believe that recovery stems from a spiritual conversion, whether one with God or a conversion with allegiance to nature or some entity that is powerful and that you can look to for guidance, inspiration, hope and strength.  As above, this entity can be a Creative Intelligence or Mother Nature or whatever your conception of God is.  No one can tell you what to believe but the point is that we could not do this on our own. 

If you can live with this idea, we can work together.  I require that we establish mutual goals and meet weekly whether in person or on the internet or phone. 

Dr. Butkins

I often wonder if this disease is the 'dark side'.   It seems as though it has numerous ways to stay alive, tricking people into thinking they don't have it even when they're in late stages of addiction.  It fools those around it into assisting it.  It seems to use all of our positive sense of helping others to thrive.  It get the helpers to help, fail and become addicted to the addict.  And when there is a 'easy way out', it fools all into hoping that all will be well.  Eventually hope subsides and dies unless the person finds a Creative Intelligence and others who have found 'a way out'.  Damn the disease.