Great place to get help! If you’re struggling with addiction and are serious about getting sober these people can guide you through it. The staff is great, and are very knowledgeable. They helped me out alot


The best for any addictions.


My husband was addicted to drugs and we were lost. I had no idea of how to help him but everything I tried didn’t work. Dr. Butkins and the program at My Freedom Quest helped save my family! But he didn’t just help my husband, he helped me with theburden I was carrying and to better understand addiction. Not only is my husband drug and alcohol free today, without the help of other medications, but he has grown as a person, husband and father. Please know that there is a way out and Dr. Butkins helped us find it.

Doug E

This program saved my life. I came to MFQ in the midst of my darkest days of addiction and they helped me understand my addiction and gain tools to fight my addiction. I’ve been sober for over a year and have found peace and happiness in my life and I owe that to MFQ.

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